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Best Friends Lick Each Other's Assholes And Fuck Older Agent

So I pick up the phone and to my utter disgust it was Sam... again. Firstly I thought, what the fuck do you want? I told her specifically not to pester me! Then it became clear, she's got another friend she wants to bring along. Well the more the merrier, I feel like the pied piper getting all the girls to do exactly what I want. Perfect. When the girls get to my office I'm presented with an olive skinned, brown eyed beauty from Italy. Sam, you fucking star, this has made my day and if Sam thinks she's leaving, she ain't. She is most definitely staying. Well, I do love a bit of voyeurism and I get the girls to do all manner of licking, fingering and female fucking before I tell them to let me have a piece of the action. Having those two giving me a blowjob was like having 2 Dyson hoovers, they could suck a tennis ball through a racket. Wow. Fucking two girls at once is like cock ping pong. Back and forth I went, pounding their hot snatch's until they were as wet as on otter's pocket. At that point I got them to finish me off too. Phew, girls you did great, thanks for the show, and what a fuck.

August 14, 2013
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