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Big Tits, Big Ass, and Big Mouth

Tell you what I'm getting a lot of lately. De ja vu. Today's chick looked all too familiar, though during the interview she did tell me she had done a bit of porn before, so I may have had a good old wank over her at some point in the past! Anyway, after convincing Ava that she was backing a winner by doing porn she stripped off to reveal an amazing set of natural breasts, alongside a big round firm bum. Whilst this bird was certainly hot, her only let down was her fucking gobby attitude, which a number of smacks on her perfect arse sorted right out. Once she had shut up she was perfect, so I set her to purpose... First on my cock, which her blowjob skills were fucking amazing. So I returned the favour with a bit of pussy licking and boy did it taste good. From here I got my cock wedged into her pussy fucking her in all manner of positions. Her sexual moans and squeels had done a proper job on me, I couldn't hold off cumming any longer, so I pushed her off me, got her on her knees, opened her mouth and exploded wads of spunk into her mouth and face. What a greedy little spunk monkey. Enjoy.

September 5, 2014
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