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Dwarf Takes Mean Girl Down a Peg

Some girls that come to see me are harder to crack than others. Well this girl was a diamond. Even well I told she could earn thousands of dollars from doing nude modelling she still snubbed it. The other thing about this chick was her sense of humour. I like a joke, and have been ridiculed by a fair share of fucking idiots in the past, but she really hit me for six. Batter up, home run! After a barrage of laughs and jokes at my expense, she then found that the joke was on her, when I gave her the ultimatum of fuck me or no work. Needless to say she quieted down, stripped off and within minutes was happily sucking away at my thick old dick. From here I fucked her in a number of pussy stretching positions ending with me emptying my bollocks over her tits. And as we all know, the joke was definitely on her as this is now all over the internet, and she fucked a midget for fuck all, who had the home run now baby?

October 28, 2014
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