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Tardy Blonde Cums on Casting Couch

Girls turning up late always puts me in a bad mood, but when Paige turned up I couldn't be too mad with her as she was cute as pie. As we go through the usual chit chat she tells me she's done unconventional work in the past, so I dug a little deeper and she told me she had done porn a number of years ago and wanted to get back into the industry. Well I don't know about getting her back into the business but she was certainly going to get fucked in more ways than one. After laying on the money nice and thick she whipped off her kit and began strumming her bean all the way to a peachy little orgasm. Good girl. Then I gave her mouth a good seeing to with my cock, which again she performed very well, great little cock sucker. Then onto the main event... Well, I must say, this girl has got amazing pussy muscle control, she was clamping down onto my cock like a vice. Fucking beautiful. But we all know what happened next, a feeling this good can only be short lived and I had to pull out and blow my wad all over her arse. Her amazing pussy had done me in, now it was time for a pint down the local boozer. Job done.

November 14, 2014
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