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The Early Bird Gets the Dick

You know how I hate chicks turning up late, well this one surprised me, she was early and when it came to asking her age she was very truthful. Early & honest. Excellent. Not to mention she was also blonde, petite and wanted to take the step from doing glamour modelling into porn. Perfect. After telling her some porky pies about sending my girls to Mauritius for shoots, her kit came straight off and I got my digits stuck well into her pussy, a tight pussy at that. After the warm up I got her straight onto cock handling, where her deep throat skills really blew me away. So I gave her the ultimate test, where she nearly threw up... Guess she hasn't got her gag reflex quite under control! I really fancied this bird so I went in for some cheeky little smooches where she responded nicely... then some heavy kissing and tongue action was on. This turned me right on and I fucked her senseless on top, slamming my cock right into her tight box. As all men will know, this does us no favours trying to hold off cumming, so I had to whip my old boy out and spray cum all over her pussy. Job done and time for a well earned double whisky down the local boozer.

November 21, 2014
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