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Casting Couch Facial for Ebony Babe

I'd been chatting with my mate Jon down in London a few times about setting up a fake casting studio. He reckoned it was dead easy. So I ran an advert in the local paper and hey presto, plenty of interest. So Channel turned up looking all sexy with a pretty tight body and a great firm ass. Found out she is an escort, and basically looking to earn some extra cash, so I laid the idea of earning mega cash nice and thick. Needless to say she bought the dream, hook line and sinker, and within minutes she was starkers sitting on my couch awaiting further instruction. And instruct her I did... I got her to suck my cock, lick my balls, then I got my long old length shoved deep into her tight velvet pussy. Then instructed her into every position I could think of before wanking my cock off in her face and blasting huge streams of white lightening across her tits and face. Great job Channel, great job.

December 2, 2014
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