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Crazy Girl Breaks In for More Dick

I was feeling great, just got off the blower with my mate who'd finally grown a set of balls and set up another casting couch fuck factory the other side of town. Good lad... When all of a sudden I got to my office to find a crazy post interviewee sitting on my couch wearing my jacket. Not only had she broken into my office, used my banana as a fuck toy but she'd also cancelled my 2pm appointment with Tiffanny. Oh Valerie, Valerie, Valerie, you my girl are going to pay for this. Oh yes. Any formalities were dispensed with sharply and I got her straight to work on my cock, hard like. Lot's of deep throat and face fucking action. Followed by getting her tongue stuck right up my rear. From here it was hardcore fucking all the way. In her pussy, arse and to finish off back in the sexy little mouth of hers. She even then had the nerve to ask if she could stay the night! Cheeky...

December 5, 2014
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