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Hot Redhead Fucked in Lingerie

I realized today while chatting with Zara that she'd previously been conned a while back by my mate Jon. I did say to her that there are some dodgy characters, fake agents you could say, but I'm 100% I told her. 100% fucking fake. Zara was well into her latex, amongst other fetishes like bondage, dominating, water sports and fisting. Fuck me, this girl was pretty adventurous to say the least. So I explained that I needed to make a tape for the companies and if they liked what they saw, she'd be in with a job. She looked a bit dubious but stripped off none the less. Wow, what a set of fake tits. Good job too, round big and bouncy, not to mention a really sweet looking pussy too. She didn't orgasm when masturbating, even when I was fingering and tonguing her pussy that didn't bother me, all I wanted to do was get my shaft stuck deep into her velvet hole. After she gave me a bit of a blow job I put my long cock to action. Boy did it feel good, fucking that pussy in a multitude of positions, accumulating with me getting her to wank me off and blowing a wad of cum all over her tits and face. Well Zara you made my day, though pity you didn't swallow, cos, well most girls do... Don't they?

December 19, 2014
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