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Perfect Sexy Blonde Gets Probed By Doctor On Reception Desk

This stunning blonde was late for her appointment with her own doctor so got passed over to my capable hands and like most women wanted the impossible. She was going on holiday and wanted some birthmarks removed in the next two days. I started to explain that it was not possible when she started playing with my stethoscope. Unfortunately I do actually mean my stethoscope and not my cock. Nevertheless this was obviously flirtation, I guess the uniform turns her on, what were those words, with great power comes lots of fucking hot women. She seemed to want to strike some kind of deal but I had to tell her it physically couldn't happen. The next thing I know she's asking me if I liked her and then we're locked in an embrace tighter then a pythons hug. I decided to show her my own birthmark on my cock and she seemed to think she could suck it off with her mouth, I certainly wasn't going to tell her no, and she was soon sucking my cock like a champion. Nothing beats a blonde haired beauty polishing your cock and balls. I had to have this sex kitten, the office was locked so I took her on the receptionists desk, her ass sticking out as I probed her with my all meat thermometer. She was tight and her ass should have been on show in a museum somewhere, simply divine. After fucking her for a bit I made her squirt as I finger banged her relentlessly, she gushed like a broken dam and flooded my gloved hand with her juices. After a few more positions it was time to unleash my medicine and I pulled out just in time and shot all over her tight pussy. What an amazing appointment, it was so naughty doing it in the reception area as well, something I'll have to repeat for certain.

April 7, 2014
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