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Doctor Solves Patient's Depression Through A Heavy Dose Of Oral Sex

I felt horny today, I mean really horny, I was desperately in need of some pussy and just as I'd given up hope there was a rapping at my door. A new patient needing my assistance, guidance, perhaps a thorough medical examination? Upon speaking with the patient I discovered that she had a strange reaction when exposed to the sun for any lengthy period. I prescribed, to start with, using sunscreen with a high factor, as she had only been using low factors on rare occassions. I then recommended that I thoroughly check her body for any abnormalities with her skin... All over. First I started on her stomach and chest and then moved around to the rear. I noticed that she was very receptive to my touch so I went further. It wasn't long before I had dropped my trousers and had her lips firmly around my shaft and then licking my balls and ass. A I said earlier I was desperate to get into her pussy so I got her on top of me to ride my cock for all it's worth. Sliding my cock into her pussy was just what the doctor ordered, and after sampling her wet hole in a number of other positions I blasted my hot cum all over her pussy. Whilst the patient came to me depressed, she certainly left with a smile on her face. Another satisfied patient, and doctor for that matter.

May 8, 2014
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