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Curvy Blonde With A Bubbly Butt Accepts Dirty Doctor's Offer

When this patient walked into my office my cock immediately sprang to attention, I love blondes and this one was exceptionally pretty. She was super sexy and had an amazing looking ass and thick thighs which I absolutely adore. If I'd have had a pacemaker fitted when she walked in it would have shot out of my chest. She must be giving old men heart attacks across the country just by walking down the road. She had come for a consultation as she wanted some spots removed off her ass and a breast job to increase her bust. She had been recommended by a friend who said I could get her a discount and help her jump the queue with some of my doctor friends who owned their own private clinics. I love a good lie abut I was willing to go along with it. After an examination where her perfect ass was in front of my face like a vision of paradise, I explained to her that I could get her a discount and a quick appointment date, but she was going to have to make me happy first. She soon got the hint and although married, this blonde bombshell wanted the surgery badly. She swallowed my cock like it was made of chocolate, looking up at me with those beautiful eyes as she sucked and then licked my balls. All us doctors like our balls being licked. She was so hot I was having trouble not emptying my balls straight away, but I persevered and fucked her in a few positions as she screamed with pleasure. I had to cover her mouth at one point before someone came in to see what was going on. Finally I couldn't contain it any longer and shot my load all over her ass and pussy lips. Another successful consultation at my office with one of the hottest blondes I've had the pleasure of being intimate with.

May 12, 2014
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