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Gorgeous Patient Needs Doctor's Man-Cream For Her Sensitive Skin

My next patient was a beautiful, slim, athletic looking woman who had some problem with patches of white on her otherwise perfectly tanned body, that she wanted help removing. She loved the sunbeds and wanted an all over tan, all year round. This was a curious case at first as I couldn't even find these mysterious white patches which she was complaining of. She said they were on her arm but I couldn't see anything. Then she confessed that they were actually just below her bum, but she was too shy to admit it. I bent her over the examining table and immediately got an erection at the sight of her tight firm buttocks in her panties. After a very close examination I saw the white patches he was on about but insisted I needed to see more, so I pulled her panties down and licked my tongue along her delicious pussy lips. She seemed a little confused at first but I promised her some cream for her skin and she was soon moaning with pleasure as I removed my tongue and inserted my cock into her from behind. Her pussy was so tight and her body was so gorgeous to gaze down on that it was going to take every last ounce of my willpower not to finish too early. What followed next was one of the best doctor/patient sessions I've ever had as we swapped into a variety of positions and she moaned and groaned as she devoured my cock with her hungry pussy. After riding me in cowgirl on my examining table it was time to empty the balls. I bent her over and sprayed my man cream all over her ass and pussy lips. I rubbed it into the white patch and told her that she'd had her cream prescription from the good doctor,. Another great day at work.

May 22, 2014
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