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Doctors meat injection eases curvy patients back pain

I strolled into repetition this morning only to find a lovely young woman waiting on her own and no sign of my receptionist. She had booked an appointment but my assistant had obviously forgotten all about it and went for a coffee. I liked the look of this patient however and decided to see what the problem was. Sabina had a bad back which had been given her some trouble for quite some time now, and she had come to see what I could do about it. She had beautiful eyes, an ample chest and a very curvy body with a big beautiful ass, which meant I had to try and get this patient on the end of my healing cock. Her infectious smile and eyes meant I was soon asking her about her sex life as I pretended to check her back, she giggled and flirted right back with me and didn't bat an eyelid when I suggested that maybe a lack of sex meant she wasn't warming her back muscles up properly and that maybe I could help right now with some doctor relaxation therapy. I was feeling so horny at this point that I decided I wanted to fuck her in the reception, with the risk factor of getting caught adding to both of our excitement levels. I made up some excuse and I was soon sliding my cock deep inside her a she lay on the desk on her back with he legs spread. After some quick thrusts with her gasping for pleasure, I wanted to fuck her mouth, so I swapped positions and she sucked my cock as I finger fucked her. This was turning into an amazing healing session and I got her to bend over my desk and play with her asshole as I fucked her from behind. All this excitement was far too much for me in the end and after finger fucking her some more from behind and wanking myself silly, I shot my prescription juice all over her big ass cheeks. Her back felt better, my balls felt lighter and my cure was all over her ass cheeks. Another amazing day at work.

May 29, 2014
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