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Doctor prescribes sperm to cure patients illness

Well it was just another day at the practice when a lovely lady came in suffering from pains in her neck and throat. A very common discomfort, so I asked her a few details and then I started examining her. I could see straight down her top when I was checking her breathing and it made my cock hard as they looked like a very good pair of tits. I then informed her that she could take some antibiotics or there are other treatments I could prescribe. She said she suffers from side effects when taking antibiotics so she asked me what the alternatives were. I then started making up lots of medical research into sperm and how one of it's many quality's are lubricating and healing of such problems. She seemed to believe everything I said and agreed to try such a method. So I stood up from my seat walked around to her side of the table, slowly got my cock out and placed it into her warm wet mouth.

September 25, 2014
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