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Patient seduces doctor to cover her medical bills

My last patient for the day was a very foxy brunette with a very nice set of tits. She was here today to discuss her sensitive breasts as they were causing her some sleepless nights. After examining her very large full breasts I noticed that she did have some inflammation on her breast tissue this would cause the irritation and discomfort and would explain her restless nights. I then explained that her breast tissue was not accepting the implants and she would need to see a surgeon and maybe have further surgery. Also that the second surgery would not be covered by the first operation and their would be additional costs. The patient did not take the new situation very well and was not willing to pay for any more surgery. She then leaned over my desk took my hand and placed it on her breast and asked if there was another way to solve her financial problem. I played coy at first but she was very persistent, I then checked with we were alone which we were then I grabbed both of her large tits and we kissed my cock was very hard and it was time to get it out.

December 15, 2014
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