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Patient is pregnant with doctors sperm

Today was a good day, one of my patients has just found out she is two months pregnant and she was very happy. I remember her first coming to the clinic as she was not getting pregnant from her boyfriend, so you could say I helped her out. She was very happy to finally become a mother and wanted to know a little more about a water birth as this was recommended to her by a friend. We keep a demonstration pool at the clinic so I prepared it and brought it in for her to have a better idea of whats to come. After showing her the positions that was needed for such a birth I then played the role of the father showing the lady how he would help deliver the baby along with the midwife. We were not in there long before I started to get a hard on just looking at her big tits. She then asked if we could have some fun to celebrate her good news. After looking at her tits for the last few moments I took little persuasion and could not wait to get my hands on her. With my cock rock hard I checked we were alone and then started running my hands all over her body and large breasts. She slowly started sucking on my cock and I was trying hard not to cum. I then put her on the examination table and started licking her soft wet pussy.

January 13, 2015
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