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Patient believes she has a viral disease

This was not a typical day at the clinic as a patient walked into my office saying that she has Ebola. However unlikely this maybe, it must be investigated. She explained that since her boyfriend had returned from Africa, he has been very ill and she now also believes she has the same illness. With everything she has seen on the TV ,she thinks it might be Ebola. I then asked a colleague of mine at the practice to come and give his opinion also. We sent the lady for some tests, but we were convinced it was just a common illness that she had contracted. I on the other hand wanted to take matters further and see what pleasures I could direct my way. After some standard tests I then explained to her that the only way to be sure she was not ill was to have sexual intercourse. I assured her that the patient and doctor confidentiality of the situation would mean the sexual act would remain a secret and this was purely a medical matter. She agreed and it was time to do what I do best, seduce a lovely blonde with passion.

January 27, 2015
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