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Plump Blonde Bounces On Agent's Dick

Martina (41mins) This girl came to my office because her friend told her I could get her modelling work and €1000s a day if she sucked my dick, but she didn't call or email first so I was fucking paranoid throughout this casting. We had a lot of difficulty with communication because she didn't speak any form of language, but money talks and my bullshit had her naked in no time. She was cute in a plumpy, sweaty way. I could smell her excitement, it was musky. The mix of ass and pussy odour from her was toxic. She was weird and difficult and side-stepped all my questions so I ended up just fucking her in her ass, I half-spurted inside it half way through, cleaned her ass a little bit and then made her suck my ass-juicy spunky cock. Even if I was an agent I would never give this girl a job. Sometimes she visits me in my nightmares.

June 11, 2011
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