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Posh Babe Gets Wet For A Good Fuck

Carie (36mins) When I spurted my cum all over this fertile looking young students face she was so taken aback that time seemed like it stood still. I don't know why some of the best looking girls are the most frigid but it took a lot for me to get this princess going, she was happy to do what I asked but she acted like she was above everything, like I was some kind of pervert! When I first opened her pussy she had a little wet-on, and I'd only touched her tits and patted her on the ass a couple of times. I had to eat her pussy like a hungry dog because the she had a very intoxicating pussy aroma. A delicious ripe peach! When I told her she would have to suck my cock if she wanted to make money she didn't bad an eye-lid. Her blowjob skill was good too! Her mouth was soft and warm but her pussy was like moist silk, really, she was a genuine velvet underground. Despite this I don't think she is right for porn, so maybe I did her a favour by blowing ropes of spunk across her face, I get the feeling that will haunt her forever.

July 2, 2011
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