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Tanned Cutie Vigorously Rides Agent's Dick

Karman (48mins) This Slovakian girl had a big mouth, I don't mean the good kind which can deep throat a cock, but she was “chopsy” as my British friends would say. She started saying my office was messy, making fun of my kitchen because it was full of chocolate (I had the munchies last night). Her confidence gave me confidence as I slowly gained the upper-hand in this interview, and in the end she knew it was tits-or-get-the-fuck out. Her friend had told her about my model agency and she said she had made homemade porn before with her girlfriends, so she did end up going the distance in this casting. I liked her tanned young body and her natural little lady lumps, I even liked her tattoos and her piercings, she definitely had an edge! She smelled really good too, it was a horny mixture of female ovulation and high-street perfume. She seemed very fertile so I decided to play safe and pump my juice over her warm body. I blocked her cell number the moment she left my office because she started saying something at the end about bringing her boyfriends from her neighborhood. I can't get jobs for men who want to be porn actors. Who am I kidding I can't get jobs for anyone!

September 1, 2011
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