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Agent Goes Balls Deep In Cutie's Tight Booty

Vera (47 mins) This 18 year old cutie pie was a tough nut to crack. She worked as a hotel maid and the four hundred euro a month she made wasn't going to buy her the car she wanted anytime soon. So she arrived on my doorstep keen to make some big bucks but not too keen to go much further than nude modelling. I gave her the usual lines...well my assistant did as she didn't speak a word of English. I sold her on trying the adult industry but this perky young brunette wanted cash up front before she did anything. I told that's not how the business works but if she impresses me then i'll do my best to get her some money the following day.....maybe. I took a few snaps for my collection before we really got down to it. Her petite frame and milky skin gave me a trouser bulge straight away. Then when she opened her legs I nearly shot my substantial load there and then. She had such a beautiful little pussy, I couldn't wait to get inside. The language barrier made things a little tricky but she soon wised up when I stuck my cock in her little mouth. For an 18 year she really loved to fuck and her pussy felt like heaven. Things got interesting when her dad called and asked when she would be home for dinner. I happened to be balls deep inside her at the time so she had trouble pretending that she was just at a friends house relaxing while my bendy member slip in and out of her. I felt a big load coming on so I put most of it down her throat and a shot in the eye for good measure. She seemed to like the taste, must be all those pineapples I've been eating. She tried to get some money out of me before she left, I said come back tomorrow. Time to pack my bags again.

January 4, 2012
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