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Hipster Brunette Learns How To Fuck For Cash

Mira (60 mins) Mira is a Hipster horse riding chick, who was blessed with an hour glass body. Her main love in life was horses, and the main reason she came to see me was to make some fast money in order for her to buy a new horse. Apparently they cost about a million koruna, so they don't come cheap. I told her that she could make thousands of euros working in the adult industry, and that she could afford to buy a horse in no time at all if she did what I wanted. She said she wanted to take a shower before we did anything because she was still dirty her mid morning ride, but to be honest, I wanted her dirty with a sweaty pussy... I prefer it when girls have been out exercising before I get my hands on them. That way I get a real taste of them. To be fair I couldn't believe how amazing this girls body was, I felt like spreading peanut butter all over her nipples and licking them until they were raw. I wanted to explore all her orifices and make a home inside her vagina where I could live until the dusk of desire. So as you can imagine I was over the moon when she said she would do anal. I was so excited that I told her I wanted to spunk on her twice because she was turning me into a quivering spunk factory. She didn't seem to mind, if anything she wanted to have my juice spread all over her. So, I bolted once up that glorious butt of hers and then swivelled her around and exploded again on her pussy.... It was a great day, and we both left with smiles on our faces.

January 26, 2012
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