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Classy Babe Gets Fucked In Her Juicy Booty

Eve (61 mins) Eve certainly came dressed to impress, with a nice skirt and tights that screamed for attention. I was smitten with her appearance and manner and she made me harder than a diamond in an icicle. She claimed that she was from a wealthy background but her father wouldn't let her work so she wanted to get a job to get her own money and independence. She had an incredible set of breasts, all natural and an ass that was toned from 14 years of swimming. She claimed she loved sex and when she saw my photos in the magazine she practically demanded a practical interview with Jimmy Junior. She was soon deep throating my member with expert skill, seems it was true what she told about her having had a lot of sexual partners and that she really enjoyed sex. I was a little disappointed that she didn't do anal, but once I was balls deep in her tight pussy I soon forgot. This girl worked her body brilliantly, whenever she was on top grinding away I could feel the safety switch on my balls twitching, ready to fire live rounds inside her. I even had to pause for a bit as she milked my cock with a vice like grip from her pussy. A delightful girl and a beautiful fuck, I really enjoyed this session. I ended up shooting a great big wad of baby batter all over her stomach and breasts. Speaking of deposits I hope she doesn't place one on her own apartment anytime soon, in anticipation of all the work I won't be able to get her.

March 9, 2012
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