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Tardy Blonde Babe is a Squirter

Late, late, late. 40 bloody minutes late and I hadn't even had my dinner yet. I was bloody starving! When she finally turns up she's got a corker of an excuse for being late. She's only gone and fucked the taxi driver (who's filmed it) on the way to the interview for a measly 150 nicker. Jesus Christ no wonder she was late. Fucked in the back of taxi, can you believe it? There's some rogues out there you know. Well, anyway back onto the girl, she's blonde, slender, long legs with a great pair of natural tits. What's not to like? So I ask to to make herself cum (if she can), well she couldn't, but she was nice enough to ask for a helping hand, which I was only to happy to oblige. Then I got her to work on my cock, which she didn't require any help with at all. God she can suck cock and deep throat very well, this girl has definitely got oral skills. Fucking tip top love. I thought it's now time to send in the general (aka my cock). This didn't disappoint either, I must have been hitting her G-spot with every fucking stroke because she was squirming and screaming like a lobster in a hot pot. Well Paris, your a damn fine fuck and I'll definitely be getting some porn work for you... Well maybe in 6 weeks or so... Or maybe I will have changed address again by then, who knows?

December 2, 2013
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