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Busty Stripper Sucks And Fucks Agent Dick's Dry

Alexis (43 mins) Alexis is a real sweet heart with a body that could melt the coldest of hearts. She also has a great attitude and good style. She has a job as a stripper so I thought this could be a very interesting casting. I knew that before the end I'd have her grinding up and down on me. She said that she would like to give me a private dance so I was a happy man, but this was better than an ordinary strip dance because I got to sample the sweetness of her pussy. The reason she came to me was to find work in Las Vegas, I told her that I could find her a job there with one of my many connections.I just knew Alexis was concealing a smoking hot body underneath her clothes but was surprised by what I saw when she took her clothes off. Oh my word this is the shape of saints.. talk about an hour glass body. Lovely perky nipples, a cool new age hair cut yeah it's safe to say I was liking the cut of the jib on this girl. Being a tit man myself I was blown away by the pure structure on them they were just sitting there like two ripe watermelons. I manoeuvred my body into position and went in for the slippery tit wank... oh yes oh happy day oh joyous occasion. The sex was mind blowing I would definitely recommend Alexis to any man who appreciates an awesome set of udders.

June 30, 2012
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