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Fiery Redhead Rides Agent's Thick Dick To Valhalla

Klara (41 mins) Klara is a hot fiery red hed with an awesome body, I was on cloud 9 all the way through this casting because she is absolutely stunning. I was a bit too eager with my questions because I didn't want to wait to fuck her I just wanted to get naked and stick my dick in her as quickly as possible. She came to see me because she didn't have work, fair play to the girl, she came out and said straight away that she has done work in porn in the past.... I asked her what type of work she would like to do, and it surprised me to here that she was up for anything, it just goes to show that looks can be deceiving. She looked so innocent and anglelic when she came in who'd of thought that she was prepared to do double anal and deep throat. When she told me that I nearly creamed in my silk boxer shorts. She went on to tell me that one man was not enough for her, so I took that as a challenge to fuck her even harder. She wanted to know about the money and how much she could potentially earn working witth me. When I started throwing around numbers and she was suitably impressed.... The way she was looking at me was giving me a boner in my pants, so I neatly tied up the questioning and moved in for the good stuff. Klara is not a shy girl and it didn't seem to phase her when she started rubbing her clit for me in front of the camera. Once she had aroused herself I whipped out my cock and she knew what she had to do. The way she was looking at me as she sucked was glorious. After some great positions I spunked a hefty load over her angelic face.... She looked amazing!

October 14, 2012
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