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British Hottie Gives A World Class Titfuck

Paige (38 mins) Wow Paige is an English girl with lots of attitude who I bumped into in a random encounter in a coffee shop. I've known her since a long time ago, she's been in the adult industry for ages and I know that she can never say no to cock... After a chat and a bit of a catch up, you know the usual bullshit, I asked her to come back to my office so we could talk business. She knew what I was after straight away but she didn't mind. In fact I think she was gagging for it herself. When we got back to my office there was no messing about she said to me 'let's just fuck', and that's exactly what we did. She has so much experience she knew how to please a man... It was a great session and i ended up having a great tit wank and jizzing all over her. Great day out!

October 21, 2012
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