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This Hottie Loves Sex For The Facial Finish

Lucie (40 mins) Lucie is amazing at sucking cock, which she proved to me during this interview. She told me she treated it as a game. The kind of game where the winner ends up with a face full of spunk, and I must admit Lucie won hands down. When she came in straight away she told me that she has been working in the adult industry in France. Apparently she was a bit bored of it and wanted a change of scenery..... I told her that I could get her lots of jobs if she could show me how she can suck and fuck, and she didn't seem to mind, actually she seemed quite keen on the idea of getting my cock inside her. There was a part of the interview where I was getting quite worried about Lucie because she was going on about how she likes to play internet games.... In all my time doing this I haven't met one girl that was into online gaming... Also there were a couple of other responses that Lucie gave me that concerned me a bit, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way of me getting my cock wet. After a bit of verbal tennis I asked her to take her clothes off and start playing with herself for the camera... I was stroking my salami behind the camera getting myself hard. When she'd pleasured herself I swooped over and presented her with my cock and she did the rest.... We had a great session, and I just new I had to finish this one with a facial so I got her to suck me off and erupted my juice all over her face... It was glorious, but I think she was a little pissed off as I spunked in her eye... Whoops!

November 6, 2012
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