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Slim Blonde Needs To Handle A Thick Dick For Work

Vikki (26 mins) I had to call Zsofi back for another casting because I wanted to see what she'd be like on her own without Vikki with her. I told her that I'd be able to get her lots of work but I needed to see how she'd handle a cock inside her and what moves she had of her own... It didn't take much convinceing to get her out of her clothes because, let's face it, she'd just been sucking cock and pussy for the last half hour. However, this time I was going to get to fuck her which put a huge smile on my face. We picked up where we left off and she was working her tongue all over my helmet. Her pussy was amazing and I wasted no time in slipping it in her and pumping to my hearts content.... She was so tight I found I couldn't hold back the flow of juices and ended up juicing all over her tiny ass.... Yes definitely glad I called Zsofi back for some more fun.

November 30, 2012
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