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Pole Dancer Makes A Sexy Deal With Agent For Big Money

On any other day, I'd more than likely say that I ain't got much time for northern fucking monkeys. But not today. Today I'd been graced with a northern girl that was a beacon of light in an otherwise gloomy sea full of shit. Tanya was her name and a pole dancer by trade looking to earn some extra moolah on the side. The prospect of earning 2 large for a day's work stunned her to say the least and she couldn't wait to strip her clothes off for me, in a sexy slow seductive manner I might add. Nicely done. Tanya had a terrific body and a great pair of tits, which after getting her to bring herself off, I made full use of by having a good old sloppy tit fuck. Now I was impressed, she'd taken good care of my cock so far so I thought I'd repay the favour and get my tongue and fingers stuck right into her pussy. I'm not blowing my own trumpet here... But she fucking loved it. By this point I knew she was like putty in my hands so I set my cock to purpose and fucked her through and through. On the sofa, off the sofa, the arm of the sofa. Like I said, thoroughly fucked. Now you enjoy this girl, just like I did.

January 17, 2014
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