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Agent Takes Foreign Blondie's Arse For A Ride

What is it with these foreign birds taking it in the arse? These filthy (and amazing) girls just can't get enough of it! Not that I'm complaining, because you can't beat a slice of anal with an afternoon tea. Well, Linda turns up at my door, unannounced I might add. You could say it caught me unaware, I was a little unprepared for a smoking hot girl in her early twenties to come bursting through my fucking door so late in the day. Wow, this girl was really hot, tanned and with a beautiful and powerful round arse, which I'll get back to in a bit... Turns out that Linda is a friend of Anita (a right dirty euro girl I banged a few weeks back) and she's told Linda all about me. Silly girl. Anyway, as she knows the ropes and has done plenty of porn shoots in Hungary I get straight to business. Fingering her pink little pussy with as many digits as I could muster, then getting her to finger her own arsehole. This was the sign, the door the gravy-ville was open. But not right now, you can't just bang it in there. Gentle & easy pussy action first to warm her right up, then apply the gas, full throttle into her arse. What a cracking shag, this bird had right stamina, she could advertise for duracell, just keeps going... Fuck me, what an afternoon. Enjoy.

January 24, 2014
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