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Hot Blonde Walks Out Before Coming Back For Agent's Cum

Like I've said before, you can never tell what's going through a bird's mind. After selling the dream to Xena she seemed up for a bit of hardcore action, then hit the fucking brakes. Bollocks, she fucking walked out. Fuck! Fella's she was fucking mint, I was fucking devastated. When all of a sudden... Ring a ding ding, Xena is on the dog n bone... wants a second chance and she's got it. Jackpot. No fucking about this time, strip off and get your fingers working girl, get that pussy primed and ready. God this bird was hot, I mean red hot, stick me with a poker hot. Tall, blonde, slim, cute, tanned, perfect arse... (I could go on, but I ain't got all fucking day). After getting her to warm herself up I got her to focus on my cock. Well, what a cock sucker, literally. This girl knows her way around a cock. I thought, if she's this good at giving blow jobs what's her rimming going to be like? 3 words... Oh my God. If this girl dug her tongue any deeper into my arse she would have struck brown gold. Sensational. From this point on it was an orgy of licking, sucking, fingering and fucking, oh my God this girl was good, I didn't want the fucking to end. But like all good books there was a happy little ending, namely me exploding my cum load all in her mouth and over her beautiful tanned skin. Fuck me, what started out a disaster turned into one of the best castings I've ever had. Enjoy.

March 7, 2014
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