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Now I do love a big beautiful slappable arse, and my next girl Yuffie had one of the most slappable arses I've come across in a long time. It's also good to come across a girl who knows what she wants in life. Especially when it involves glamour & porn work. Well it didn't take me too long to persuade her to strip off and show me some of her amazing assets. Apart from a big round arse she also has a fantastic set tits, fake of course, but amazing all the same! After giving her a couple of digits and a light spanking I got her onto cock duty. Well, she didn't tell me about her equally amazing talents of the deep throat variety! Wow, what a cock sucker, nice and deep, just how I like it. This got my cock rock hard so I set about fucking her nice and hard, just how she liked it! I thought I'd introduce her to a little position I like to call reverse cowboy, which she fucking loved, well they all do, it's fucking intense! After getting a few of my digits and hers jammed into her arse I prepared the white brigade for active duty, and with a number of hefty strokes from Yuffie they exploded all over her tits, face, hair... and the sofa got it again. Oh well, it keeps the fucking local dry cleaners in business I suppose. Enjoy.

April 9, 2014
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